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Join the 3rd GAME #FuturistForum - Innovathon

Transforming the Future of Lifelong Learning in Healthcare

An IN-PERSON event

The #FF Themes:

  • The Futurist Mindset

  • Human Touch: Lifelong Learning and Evolving Technology

  • Reimagining Bias and Conflicts of Interest

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Pre-Conference Activities

Program site opens Monday, 10 May 2021
Potential Registrants now have access to the Futurist Community Forum (discussion groups), which contains comments and discussion points from the 2021 Futurist Forum virtual conference.

Day 1: Friday, 14 October 2022

The conference is from 9 am to 5:30 pm EDT, and will consist of the following sessions:

Conference Welcome

Innovathon inspirational keynote – Redefining Healthcare – what is needed in the future?

Your Futurist Innovathon Journey  - Review of themes and literature

Design Thinking interactive workshop

Innovathon team brainstorming and theme selection

Reimagining Bias: changes are needed now!


Day 2: Saturday, 15 October 2022

The Conference on Day 2 runs from 9 am to 5 pm EDT and consists of the following sessions; most of the day is working with your Innovathon team

Inspirational Keynote – value of collaboration and innovation

Innovathon daylong project workshop

Networking with Colleagues

Lunch and Breaks included!

Thomas Kellner Innovation Award Review

Inspirational Sendoff Message

"I loved the session describing how HCP's will need to improve their people skills when advanced technology such as Augmented Intelligence comes into wider use."
- Dale K. 2021 #FF Attendee

The Innovathon

A Learning Journey

What is an Innovathon?

The purpose of the 2022 Futurist Forum is to explore and implement the previously identified solutions in regional “Innovathon” teams (described below).  As the world returns to live meetings, a blended learning instructional design bringing together regional teams will be utilized for maximum impact, flexibility, and engagement, with these teams working independently and then coming together to share their work and findings in a virtual meetup.

The 2022 Futurist Forum will focus around a learner’s journey, beginning with reengaging the learners with the skill of the futurist mindset.  The learners will be assigned to a regional team for a 6 month “Innovathon” based in their region of the world.  Based on the idea of a hackathon, regional teams, led by a member of the Futurist and Innovations Committee and/or regional facilitator, will engage each other over a six-month period (one per month) on selected themes/solutions that resulted from discussion of the previous Forums.  Team and trust building for implementation of these Innovathon teams will start at the in-person Futurist Forum on October 14-15, 2022.

Innovathon journey.png

Figure 1 - The longitudinal, blended educational journey of the Innovathon.

Why should I join the Innovathon?

The findings from the first Futurist Forum have been published in JECME (click link to read) and are, along with the draft manuscript of the 2nd Futurist Forum, the foundation of the themes and solutions that will be implemented in the “Innovathon”.  The key themes of the 2nd Futurist Forum provided many interesting perspectives from around the globe and how they may or may not impact lifelong learning in healthcare.


Exploring and addressing future trends in lifelong learning in healthcare will help learners develop a futurist mindset and ease the fear of the change that is likely to occur over the next 10 years.

  1. Join your colleagues live in Montreal Canada and start building trust and brainstorming with your regional team.

  2. Build and/or enhance lasting relationships with other colleagues in the CPD field.

  3. Implement an “Innovathon” demonstration projects that will help accelerate solutions to identified barriers to change and improve overall outcomes in learning and healthcare. 

Take responsibility for educating healthcare learners and to assist in acknowledgment of future trends and subsequently embracing of the change with concrete solutions.

Some Background

GAME has run two previous Futurist Forums.  Planning started in 2018 for the inaugural 2-day Futurist Forum, which took place in-person in Budapest, Hungary in October 2019.  The specific development process used in educational design of this Futurist Forum was published in JECME, which also included the findings of the experts and attendees.


The Futurist and Innovation Committee (FIC) of GAME, with the COVID pandemic in full swing, developed the totally virtual 2nd Futurist Forum, which occurred in May 2021. With a 50% increase in attendance, there remains a lot of interest in the future of lifelong learning in healthcare.  The second forum included a discussion on potential solutions to identified trends and challenges, and these discussions and solutions have directed the educational design for the 2022 Futurist Forum.


The current environment for lifelong learning in healthcare has changed dramatically over the last two and one-half years (2020 – 2022), impacted by the global pandemic.  Trends identified during the first Futurist Forum (and published in the manuscript) were accelerated significantly, as institutions and organizations moved to address the needs of learners during a period where social distancing and quarantine necessitated by COVID-19 canceled most live meetings.  We look to understand innovation in this new reality from the learner’s perspective through brainstorming and solution-oriented work.  Lastly, we want to show how these solutions can accelerate trends for the betterment of lifelong learning in healthcare.


The future of lifelong learning (LLL) in healthcare is important to GAME; efforts to understand the trends are continuously ongoing by many professionals and organizations globally. The first two Futurist Forums sought to identify and understand the most important trends and even identified potential solutions.


The Format

Blended Learning


The 2022 GAME #FuturistForum conference is a blended learning journey and includes a live, in-person conference in Montreal, Canada, as well as asynchronous and synchronous educational sessions.  The start of this year's event will be the kick off of the "Innovathon."  While the conference spans two full days (14 - 15 October 2022) it will also include pre-conference access to the Futurist Community Forum, and Futurist Mindset resources.   

Join us and engage with international leaders and professionals spanning the healthcare industry who are committed to exploring the future of lifelong learning in healthcare.

This year, participants will engage in Innovathon teams, for a regionally based learning journey over 6 months. Click here to learn more!


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