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2021 GAME #FuturistForum:
Call for 
Best Practices



Guidelines for Submission

Share your futurist journey!

"Futurists are people whose specialty or interest is futurology or the attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society in particular or of life on earth in general" ("Futurist," 2021).

GAME would like to feature YOUR best practices and "Glorious Failures" during the 2021 Futurist Forum!

We are seeking examples of your educational initiatives that align with the following themes:

  1. The Futurist Mindset - An educator with a futurist mindset is open to future trends and motivated to embrace the future in their educational initiatives.  They often are the first adopters of change, moving forward with the implementation of key initiatives that support the trends and change.  We look for projects that are based on data and future trends that support transformation and/or a future way of thinking or being.

  2. The Future of Technology in Medical Learning - Technology in learning is evolving fast, with the implementation of educational initiatives with artificial intelligence, digital medicine, and robotics.   We are looking for projects that engage HCPs, patients, educators, and/or leaders in healthcare with initiatives that foster behavior change and/or support the rapid evolution or adoption of technology and learning science.

  3. The Future of innovative and non-traditional Collaborative models - With increasing frequency, educators are embracing implementation science with innovative collaborations that are outside of the usual networks.  Surgeons collaborating with Seamstresses.  Data Engineers with frontline healthcare workers.  We are looking to highlight projects that engage multiple stakeholders, support social interactions, build trust, and/or leverage virtual platforms to optimize engagement between non-traditional collaborators, learners, and patients.


Examples could include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing your workforce for the future with digital literacy and skills

  • Innovative and future-readiness

  • Developing new approaches, processes, or technologies  that improve continuing professional development

  • Coordinating business functions

  • Using current solutions for other functions

  • Collaborating with non-traditional partners

  • Developing mutually beneficial ways to strengthen medical learning

  • Implementation of digital literacy and technologies into learning initiatives

Sometimes, though, with the best of intentions, innovative initiatives don't occur as expected.  Consider submitting innovative initiatives that may not have gone as expected, something we call the "Glorious Failure."  There are often many reasons for less than expected results, with such initiatives being sources of significant learning and improvement.  Big kudos to those that share this type of learning!

All submissions will be reviewed by the Futurist Innovation Committee (FIC). Top proposals from each theme will be selected, and authors will be invited to host a 20-minute discussion during the #2021 FuturistForum virtual conference on May 20 during the Showcase Innovation session. 


Who should submit and why?

  • All meeting delegates wanting to share their best practice gems.

  • All cases will be shared on the GAME and #FuturistForum 2021 websites.

  • Based on the review process, the highest-rated cases will have the chance to share their project during the meeting.

  • Selected submissions will receive a 50% discount on their new or renewal GAME membership!


Deadline: Friday, 7 May 2021

The deadline for receipt of submission is 11:59 PM PST on Friday, 7 May 2021. All submitting authors will receive confirmation of their submission via email.


Submission Formatting Instructions

You will need to submit information in the Case Submission Form below and upload documents or HTML files to your case. Your case submission may be in any format of your preference. However, we request that you limit the amount of content to no more than 5 pages if it is an MS Word document, 10 slides if an MS PowerPoint presentation, and/or a 10 minute (or less) video (MP4 file). NOTE: MS Word or MS PowerPoint files may contain URL links to your project.  Note: If your case is selected, you will have time for a 20-minute presentation during the conference. 


Your submission should include:

  • Background/needs assessment

  • Project description

  • Challenges

  • Overall project impact or lack of impact

Evaluation Criteria

Best Practice submissions will be evaluated on the criteria below, and as applicable, given that the submission may be a Glorious Failure.

  • FIC Theme: Demonstrates application of one of the three FIC themes: (1) Futurist Mindset; (2) The Future of Technology in Medical Learning; (3) The Future of innovative and non-traditional Collaborative models

  • Insight: Demonstrates the need (why), project outline, options, limitations, risks, etc.

  • Action: Description of project: a systematic approach, use of technology, creative, or non-traditional approach.

  • Affordability: Economic and practical to implement.

  • Foresight: Integrate to other processes and tools of the business; easily gather, store and manipulate the information with widely available platforms and software.

  • Impact: Shows evidence of impact (i.e., patients, system, educational, equity – access to care and breadth of applicability to various types of projects) .  A Glorious Failure will not be expected to have a full impact, but still provide some impact and significant learning.


Please note, submissions not meeting the specifications will be returned.


Notification of Submission Status

Notification of acceptance for presentation submission will be acknowledged via email in early May. Notices and instructions will be sent to the email address provided at the time of submission. Finalists must be registered for the 2021 #FuturistForum virtual conference in order to present. 


If selected, you will be contacted to:

Provide further information for a project leaflet and be informed about connection and presentation details.


Any questions regarding abstract submission should be directed to Dale Kummerle or Audrie Tornow at

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